About Us

We source our produce from nearly
10.000 farmers around the states.
We guarantee that they share the same
passion as we are, in providing good produce

Our company

Costa de Jalisco entered the grocery retail marketplace with store in 2002 in Cornelia, Georgia. We are focused on offering the communities we serve exceptional service and quality products in clean, modern, and welcoming store. More importantly, we’re committed to offering our customers unbeatable prices on the products they love to cook for their families. You’ll see it in all our store.

Our Vision

We are a company dedicated to serving our customers committed to providing fresh products of the best quality and at the best price; thus contributing to the family economy.

We work as a team to become your store of choice, providing you with a range of products and services as well as a clean and pleasant environment so that your purchases are a pleasant experience every day.

Our commitment to the community is to offer safe and well-paid work as well as to be a promoter of personal development within the company
due to its growth and the opening of more and more jobs with higher needs for experience and skills